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Sewer Jetter Series

Introducing Cusco’s Sewer Jetter

The underworld can be a dirty place, but Cusco’s new Sewer Jetter obliterates blockages to keep you up and running when you need it most. This industry-leading truck performs major cleanups by excavating debris with a 26 ft. boom reach and a 270 degree boom rotation to reach every clog, every time. Outfitted with quality components and reverse engineered for optimal weight and payload with a superior operator control system, the Sewer Jetter is packed with features and benefits to outlast the competition.

Key Features

  • 2500 USG Waste Tank
  • 1400 USG Clean Water Tank
  • 2400 PSI Jetter System c/w 600ft 1” Hose
  • Reverse Engineered (Optimal Weight & Payload)
  • Designed to 206” CA Maximum Maneuverability
  • Mid-Power Jetter
  • 26 ft. Boom Reach
  • 270 Degree Boom Rotation (non-articulated)
  • Superior Operator Control System
  • Combo Tank Design

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Product Specifications

Key Design Factor Cusco
Standard Options Jetter
HP – Chassis Freightliner M2-106 – 350
HP Freightliner M2-112 – 400
HP Peterbilt 348 – 350
HP Peterbilt 348 – 400 HP
Waste Tank Size (USG) 2200, 2500, 2700 USG
Rear Door (opening?) Flat Half Door, Hydraulic Door Locks
Clean Water (USG) 1000, 1400, 1500
Blower System & CFM 27” @ 3658 CFM
27” @ 3800 CFM
27” @ 5775 CFM
Jetter System GPM 26-70 variable flow
Jetter System PSI 2400
Jetter Hose Size & Length 1″@ 600 FT
Boom Size 8″
Boom Controls (wired/wireless) Std: front panelbox Canbus joystick wireless pendant
Boom Rotation 270 Degrees
Silencer/Cyclone db <95 Db
Hydraulic Door Assists YES
Overall Operator Controls Std: 12vdc Plus1 microprocessor, analog control to hydraulic controls
Optional: wired or wireless pendant/panelbox Canbus joystick
Tank Configuartion Combo Tank
Optional: Side Water Tanks
Other Key Design Characteristics Optional: Hydro Excavation Package