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Duravac Series

If extreme weather and operating conditions are proving to be a problem, then Cusco’s Duravac series is the way to go. This unit is specifically engineered with heated valves and heavy-duty construction for off-road applications in the oil and gas fields, and is equipped with a low maintenance tri-lobe positive displacement blower ranging from 1,400 CFM to 2,100 CFM and producing 28″ Hg. With these features, the Duravac provides the perfect combination for superior performance and reliability, even in the harshest environments.

Available Options: High-pressure wash system, stainless steel tank construction, hydraulic suction boom, storage cabinets/stand up lockers, DOT 407/412 and TC 407/412 configuration.

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Performance and Chassis Data:

Required Front Axle: 20,000 lb.
Required Rear Axle: 46,000 lb.
Required CA: Tandem 175″ Tri-Drive 181″
Horsepower: 300-410 HP
Transmission: Manual

Tank Material: Head: 0.3125″ SA516-70
Shell: 0.3125″ SA516-70
Diameter: 78”
Blower: Airflow: 1400CHM Max Vacuum: 27″ Hg
Drive: Hydraulically driven from air shift PTO mounted on transmission with hydraulic pump, motor and oil cooler
Primary Shut-off: 6″ internal shut-off with 12″ SS float ball and cage assembly with neoprene rubber seat on the top front of tank
Liquid Level Indicator: SS construction rotary float gauge with 6” float ball assembly located on front driver’s side with grab handle
Piping: Single 6” diameter no disconnect piping to allow tank to dump with vacuum system connected with vacuum pump flush port, 6” x 4-way valve assembly for pressure unloading and dual 6” in-line check valve assemblies
Valves: Suction: 2 x 4” Betts air operated with aluminum Kamlok fittings mounted on rear head
Discharge: 6” Betts air operated valve with aluminum Kamlok mounted on rear head
Dump System: 20 ton, single acting dump cylinder, rear dump pivot assembly and safety brace
Rear Door: Hydraulic full opening rear door assembly with 6 heavy duty wing clamps, neoprene rubber rear door gasket, double acting hydraulic cylinder and safety brace
Baffle: One bolt on anti-surge mounted on reinforcing pad
Cyclone: High capacity cyclone assembly with 12” diameter drop box with bottom mounted door and 2” brass gate valve, Kamlok and cap