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Portable Toilet Truck Series


As long as portable toilets are a fact of life in the construction and landscaping industries, so are portable toilet trucks. With that in mind, our engineers have constructed a durable unit capable of handling long, demanding service routes with ease and without hassles. Cusco offers a vast array of service module options that will enhance performance and address any customer needs. This series comes outfitted with a portable toilet rack, a high-pressure wash system, a chemical dispensing system, weatherproof cabinets, as well as a vacuum system ranging from 210 CFM to 380 CFM and producing 28″ Hg of vacuum. With capacities from 400 to 3500 gallons, there is a Cusco vacuum truck sized right to service your portable sanitation business.

Available Options: Heated valves.

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Performance and Chassis Data:

Required Front Axle: 9,000 lb
Required Rear Axle: 21,000 lb
Required CA: 110″
Horsepower: 250
Transmission: Standard

Tank Material: Head: 0.250” 44W
Shell: 0.250” 44W
Diameter: 72”
Primary Shut-Off: 4” internal with 6” SS float ball and cage assembly
Secondary Shut-Off: Exterior moisture trap assembly with float ball and sight glass
Liquid Level Indicator: 3-5” diameter sight glasses located on rear head
Piping: 3” piping to connect to vacuum system
Valves: Suction: 4” brass valve
Discharge: 6” brass valve
Rear Clean-out: 20” diameter quick opening, located on bottom of rear head
Water Tank: Attached to front of waste tank with epoxy lining, sight glasses, drain valve, suction strainer, 2” water feed line