Standard Parts

CP = Cusco Part
DR = Drive-line
FI = Finishing
HA = Hydraulic Accessory
HO = Hose
PF = Pipe Fitting
SA = Sub Assembly
VA = Valve




CP002004 Ball Cage Assembly - 4″ C450/C900
CP008035 Photo Rear Door Bolt Hinge 1-1/4″ x 6″
CP008036 Photo Rear Door Bolt Hinge 1-1/2″ x 8″
CP008333 Photo Door Bolt with MTR certificate (chrome plated)
CP008342 Photo Rotary Float Gauge Sight Glass Cap
CP008418 Photo Door Wing Nut with MTR certificate (chrome plated)
CP008697 Photo Plastic Drilled Landing Pad
CP008700 Photo Ball Cage Internal Shut-Off 3″/4″ Nozzle
CP009154 Photo Moisture Trap Filter Basket Assembly (universal replacement part)
CP009441 Photo Rotary Float Gauge Gland Packing
CP009576 Photo Rotary Float Gauge Packing – 3/16 Strips (3 required)
CP009654 Photo Rotary Float Gauge Graphite Packing
CP009654K Photo Rotary Float Gauge Graphite Packing Kit
CP011169 Photo Weldless Eye Nut with MTR Certificate (chrome plated)
CP012280 Lever Arm Valve Assembly- 4″
CP012281 Photo Lever Arm Valve Assembly- 6″
DR017372 Sureflex Insert 8H
EL008060 “Grote” Spot Light – 6″
FI001003 Photo Hatch Gasket – 12″ (rubber)
FI001006 Photo “Buna” Seat – 4″ (rubber)
FI001007 Photo Float Ball – 6″ (stainless steel)
FI002003 Photo Float Ball – 4″ (stainless steel)
FI004018 Rear Door Gasket – 68″ diameter
FI004019 Rear Door Gasket – 70″ diameter
FI004020 Rear Door Gasket – 72″ diameter
FI004021 Rear Door Gasket – 78″ diameter
FI008010 Photo Hatch Gasket – 20″ (rubber)
FI008013 Rotary Float Gauge Indicator Arrow
FI016091 Photo Final Filter – 30″/100 Microns
FI016092 Photo Rotary Float Gauge Float Arm Assembly (stainless steel)
FI016094 Photo Float Ball with Tube – 6″ (stainless steel)
FI016101 Rotary Float Gauge Packing (5 white Teflon disks)
FI016106 Photo Disconnect Boot – 8″ (rubber)
FI016124 Rotary Float Gauge Lock Nut – 3/4″
FI016131 Rotary Float Gauge Float Arm Bushing (stainless steel)
FI016135 Rotary Float Gauge Faceplate (aluminum)
FI016138 Rotary Float Gauge Mounting Ring Indicator
FI016287 Photo Rear Door Air Switch Valve
FI016366 Photo Maxi-Brake Self Closing Valve
FI016367 Photo Maxi-Brake Dust Boot (1 only)
FI016368 Photo Maxi-Brake Clevis Yoke (with spin)
FI016377 Valve Handle Mounting Bracket
FI016378 Valve Handle Linkage – 4″
FI016579 Photo Final Filter – 20″/100 Microns
FI016584 Rotary Float Gauge Packing Nut
HA005010 Photo Hydraulic Oil Tank Suction Strainer
HA005011 Photo Hydraulic Tank Sight Gauge Assembly
HA008029 Photo Back Mounted Vacuum/Pressure Gauge 4 PNL-1/4″ LBM
HA008031 Photo Back Mounted Vacuum/Pressure Gauge 4 BM – 1/4″
HA017091 Photo Stem Mounted Gauge 2-1/2″/3000 psi
HA017096 Photo Stem Mounted Gauge 2-1/2″/5000 psi
HA017100 Photo Hydraulic Cylinder PMC – 3″ x 8″
HA017304 Photo Trunnion Mounted Rear Door Hydraulic Cylinder – 3″ x 8″ diameter
HA017367 Suction Strainer
HA017642 “Global” Vibrator Motor #251020
HA017701 Hydraulic Motor HD Piston HHD-3333
HO008083 Kamlok Part “A” – 3″ (aluminum)
HO008084 Photo Kamlok Part “A” – 4″ (aluminum)
HO008085 Photo Kamlok Part “A” – 6″ (aluminum)
HO008086 Photo Kamlok Part “DC” – 2″ (aluminum)
HO008087 Kamlok Part “DC” – 3″ (aluminum)
HO008089 Photo Kamlok Part “DC” – 4″ (aluminum)
HO008090 Kamlok Part “DC” – 6″ (aluminum)
HO008094 Kamlok Part “C” – 6″ (aluminum)
HO008098 Kamlok Part “E” – 6″ (aluminum)
HO008099 Photo Kamlok Part “F” – 2″ (aluminum)
HO008100 Kamlok Part “F” – 3″ (aluminum)
HO008101 Kamlok Part “F” – 4″ (aluminum)
HO008102 Photo Kamlok Part “F” – 6″ (aluminum)
HO008145 Kamlok Part “BA” – 3″ x 2″ (aluminum)
HO019063 “Kanaflex” 180 AR Hose – 4″
HO019064 “Kanaflex” 180 AR Hose – 6″
HO019077 “Kanaflex” 220 RS Hose – 2″
HO019078 “Kanaflex” 220 RS Hose – 3″
PF022002 Photo Gasket – 4″/TTMA.125 (nitrile)
PF022003 Photo Gasket – 6″/TTMA.125 (nitrile)
SA100003 Photo Left Hand Rear Door Emergency Switch
SA100006 Photo Right Hand Rear Door Emergency Switch
VA008114 Photo Butterfly Valve with Air Actuator – 4″
VA008115 Photo Butterfly Valve with Air Actuator – 6″
VA026001 Photo Butterfly Valve with Air Actuator – 3″
VA026002 Photo Butterfly Valve with Air Actuator – 2″
VA026009 Check Valve with Twin Flap – 6″
VA026013 Photo “Betts” Valve – 6″/TTMA/NPT (standard steel)
VA026017 Gate Valve – 1/2″ (brass)
VA026018 Gate Valve – 2″ (brass)
VA026034 Photo Quick Acting Gate Valve RIV561- 3″ (brass)
VA026037 Photo Relief Valve RIV251- 2″ (brass)
VA026039 Photo “Betts” Valve – 4″/TTMA/MPT (standard steel)
VA026043 Photo Quick Acting Gate Valve RIV561 – 4″ (brass)
VA026046 Quick Acting Gate Valve – 6″ (brass)
VA026052 Photo Float Ball 4″ (rubber)
VA026282 “Betts” Right Hand Valve – 6″/TTMA (standard steel)